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Do you sell both the frames and lens?
Yes, all frames include lenses which we fill in in an industry-leading optical lab in the U.S. Our base price for a frame and anti reflective treated prescription plastic CR 39 lenses for one price, no hassles, no gimmicks.

What are the details of your 30-day satisfaction guarantee?
Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee ensures we'll repair or exchange your purchase for up to 30 days at no charge to you. This guarantee does not cover accidental damage, scratches, or breakage.

How do I place an order to purchase eyewear or to try on eyewear with RxEyes?
Once you've browsed the collection on our site, select a frame, fill in your prescription and you are on your way to a new pair of glasses!  You can also contact us Monday-Friday from 10am to 6pm ET at 1-855-746-1166 and we'll be happy to take your order over the phone.  


How do I read my prescription?
All the numbers and abbreviations on your prescription can be confusing, but we’re here to help!  

    • OD- Right Eye: usually the top value in the eyeglasses prescription chart.
    • OS-Left Eye: usually the bottom value in an eyeglasses prescription chart.
    • SPH-Sphere: a number between -10 and +10, this number describes how strong your lenses need to be.
    • CYL-Cylinder: a number between -4 and +4 that indicates astigmatism: if you have any number for this category you have astigmatism.
    • AXIS: this number between +1 and +180 indicates the degree and the direction of astigmatism; if you do not have a number for this section it is because you do not have astigmatism.
    • PRISM: most glasses wearers will NOT have a PRISM measuremen. If you do, however, your prescription requires an optician’s expertise and online glasses are not available for you.
    • ADD: positive number up to 5.00 that indicates how much magnifying power is needed.

Note: some prescriptions write NV for near-vision and DV for distance-vision

If you have any questions about your prescription, please call us at 1-855-746-1166 and we'll be happy to help.   

What is my pupillary distance?
Your pupillary distance (PD) is the distance in millimeters between the centers of your pupils. It is essential to align the center of the lens with the center of your eye to avoid eye strain. Your PD may already be on file with your doctor or the last place you ordered your glasses from. In the event it is not, you can have the measurement done at any optical shop or optometry practice, usually for free.

Can I just use my contact lens prescription?
Unfortunately, we cannot use contact lens prescriptions for glasses.   Due to the difference in distance from your eyes to contact lenses (which are in contact with your eyes) and glasses (which are a short distance from your eyes), contact lens prescriptions will not work for glasses.  You will need to obtain a glasses prescription from a licensed eyecare professional. 

Is it possible to order frames with no prescription lenses in them?
Of course! When prompted to enter your prescription, select “0.00” for the OD SPH and OS SPH and leave the PD measurement as it is (it is not used when lenses do not have a prescription) or click on demo lens when you select your lens type. 


What are your frames made of?
All our frames are made of high quality titanium or plastic.  All of our eyeglasses are assembled in the United States. 

What are your lenses made of?
Our eyewear are equipped with plastic lenses made from CR-39. The lens is light weight compared to glass, and may be made in just about any prescription, though many people with higher prescriptions prefer to use. The higher the index, the thinner the lenses.

What is CR-39?
Without getting too technical, CR-39 allyl diglycol carbonate monomer combine the optics of glass with the excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties of a thermoset material. CR-39 monomer is used for casting plastic lenses for prescription eyewear, sunglasses and other plastic products requiring high abrasion resistance and high quality optical properties. Plastic lenses from CR-39 monomer give less chromatic aberration compared to polycarbonate lenses, as measured by the Abbe number. 

Do you sell lens coatings? 
Instead of selling you lens coatings, we give them to you for free! Scratch resistant and anti-reflective coatings are included with all our lenses.   

Do you offer bifocal or progressive lenses?
Currently, we do not provide bifocal, tri-focal or progressive (no line bifocal) lenses. If your prescription is written for bifocals or progressives, we can still make you a single vision pair of either distance or reading glasses.  Please indicate which you would prefer and we’ll get to work on your order

Can I try on my frames before I buy them?
Of course! We want to make sure you find the perfect pair of glases.  You can use our Home Try-On service to try up to three different frames.  Simply select three frames and we will send them to you within a few days along with a prepaid return shipping label.  You’ll have five days from receipt to try them out at home, at work, on the town or wherever else you choose!  Get input from friends, family and co-workers to pick the perfect pair (or two).  Then just put them back in the box and send them to us with the prepaid return shipping label.  

I’ve chosen one of the frames from the In Home Try-On, do I keep it?
The Home Try-On frames do not have prescription lenses and should be returned to us.  When you find the frame(s) you like, please place an order through our website and we’ll get to work on a new, custom-fit set of glasses right away.  

Does the Home Try-On service cost anything?
We only charge $5 for the cost of shipping and processing, and if you purchase your eyewear from us we issue you a credit for $5 at the time of purchase. We send you the selected frames for no charge and include a prepaid return shipping label.  


What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. 


Do you charge for shipping my purchase?
We offer free shipping in the United States for purchases at RxEyes.com. If you live outside of the United States and wish to purchase your prescription eyewear at RxEyes.com contact us to receive a quote for shipping costs. 

How long will it take to receive my glasses?
You should receive your new prescription glasses within 10 business days. Home try-on or non-prescription orders should arrive within 5 business days. There are a number of variables that can affect the speed at which your new glasses are produced and delivered.  Should we have any problems with your prescription or need additional information about your order, we will contact you directly. 

What are the shipping methods you offer?
We ship all order via UPS or FedEx ground.  


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